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Ligne 83: Ligne 83:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +**Script pour extinction propre de la pi avec bouton externe**
 +<code python>
 +#This script was authored by AndrewH7 and belongs to him (www.instructables.com/​member/​AndrewH7)
 +#You have permission to modify and use this script only for your own personal usage
 +#You do not have permission to redistribute this script as your own work
 +#Use this script at your own risk
 +import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
 +import os
 +#Replace YOUR_CHOSEN_GPIO_NUMBER_HERE with the GPIO pin number you wish to use
 +#Make sure you know which rapsberry pi revision you are using first
 +#The line should look something like this e.g. "​gpio_pin_number=7"​
 +#Use BCM pin numbering (i.e. the GPIO number, not pin number)
 +#WARNING: this will change between Pi versions
 +#Check yours first and adjust accordingly
 +GPIO.setup(gpio_pin_number,​ GPIO.IN, pull_up_down=GPIO.PUD_UP)
 +#It's very important the pin is an input to avoid short-circuits
 +#The pull-up resistor means the pin is high by default
 +    GPIO.wait_for_edge(gpio_pin_number,​ GPIO.FALLING)
 +    #Use falling edge detection to see if pin is pulled ​
 +    #low to avoid repeated polling
 +    os.system("​sudo shutdown -h now")
 +    #Send command to system to shutdown
 +    pass
 +#Revert all GPIO pins to their normal states (i.e. input = safe)
 ===== Références ===== ===== Références =====
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