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Ligne 186: Ligne 186:
   * https://github.com/jweir/Sound-of-Traffic   * https://github.com/jweir/Sound-of-Traffic
   * https://github.com/nickpegg/tcpdump-tunes   * https://github.com/nickpegg/tcpdump-tunes
 +=== Soti Sounds of the internet ===
 +Sonification of netflow traffic - a netflow collector that processes and sends flows to be played by sonic-pi via the OSC protocol
 +This script receives V9 netflow, aggregates it and forwardes it to SonicPi via the OSC protocol, creating beautiful melodies and easing the difficult task of network monitoring and DDoS detection. As the traffic increases the music will grow louder, hinting that an attack might be currently in progress.
 +  * https://github.com/imperva/soti
 {{tag>bj sonification}} {{tag>bj sonification}}
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