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Gérer sa clef publique pour SSH

 [SSH KEYS MANAGEMENT] for lunch [[http://code.sat.qc.ca/trac/lunch/browser/man_lunch.txt|  http://code.sat.qc.ca/trac/lunch/browser/man_lunch.txt]]\\
 If using for more than one host, lunch needs a SSH server installed on each
 remote computer. It is also needed that the public SSH key of your user on the
 master computer must be installed on every slave computer. Here is a summary of
 the steps to do to create a SSH key on your master computer, and send your
 public key on each slave computer.
 mkdir -p ~/.ssh
 chmod 700 ~/.ssh
 ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -t rsa

Pour voir sa clef publique :

 gedit ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Next, for each slave host, do:

 ssh-copy-id <html><username></html>  @<html><host></html>\\
 ssh username@host 'echo Hello'

The latter command should display “Hello” when issued.

If you start lunch via SSH, and launch from there commands other hosts, you must first make sure that the ssh-agent is running and that you have unlocked your private SSH key. It can be done like this:

 ssh-agent bash
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